Passionate for EV conversions

reGEN Autowerks was founded by Steve Nestel in 2018. He recognized the changes coming to modern cars and wanted to bring the same technology to classic vehicles. After completing the first eBug, Steve understood that others would be joining the Electrimod club.

reGEN Autowerks takes its name from the unique electric vehicle ability called regenerative braking. It captures otherwise wasted energy while braking and stores it in the batteries. Nothing is lost and longevity is gained. This is the same for EV-converted classic vehicles that lose none of their classic appeal while gaining a long future as a functional car.

reGEN Autowerks is based in Ogden, Utah at the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. Local residents appreciate plentiful outdoor activities and a sense of the not-too-distant wild west. EV conversion projects fill long winter nights and are enjoyed on scenic summer drives into the mountains.